Personal Coaching

Lasting results
Since 2010 I’ve been working as a coach with a variety of professionals in order to help them achieve important (work) goals. My background in industrial and organizational psychology and my experience as a personal effectiveness trainer aid me a lot in this regard. Often we succeed in implementing successful strategies that help to quickly overcome obstacles and accelerate personal growth, leaving lasting results.

Achieve your goal as well
I support professionals in effectively dealing with high levels of work pressure, developing an assertive personality, regaining and maintaining motivation, enhancing concentration and focus, navigating a conflict in a controlled manner, overcoming fear of presenting, and reducing stress levels and anxiety.

Do you recognize any of the aforementioned goals and would you like to learn how to achieve it? Then contact me to request an intake free of charge. During the intake we will discuss your goal, wishes and expectations with regard to the coaching. If you choose to engage in personal coaching, then I will assemble an effective program that spans one to multiple sessions of about one hour each. If for whatever reason you would like to end the coaching track prematurely, then you are free to do so after each session. No additional costs will be charged.

In order to optimize a personal development track, it is important that we both commit to a clear and realistic goal, frequently evaluate the status quo, and act in a solution-oriented manner.

I offer personal coaching in both Dutch and English and also from a distance through mobile phone or Skype.

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On-the-fly Coaching

Targeted advice for effective collaboration
Are you in need of advice on how to effectively deal with certain people you work with? Like how to react to a harsh remark or action from a colleague, employee or supervisor, how to deliver a difficult message as intended, how to confront someone with their behavior in an even-minded manner, or how to better handle annoyances and disagreements. Then on-the-fly coaching is the right option for you. Within a short amount of time we’ll discuss your situation and I’ll advise you on effective strategies that help to regain a grip on the situation and exert a positive effect on the collaboration.

Due to the smaller scope of theme’s like these, on-the-fly coaching starts at half an hour. Also the fee is strongly reduced compared to regular coaching. Do you want to check if your situation is suitable for on-the-fly coaching? Then request a free intake.

I offer on-the-fly coaching in both Dutch and English and also from a distance through mobile phone or Skype.

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Evidence-based brainstorming

Make brainstorming useful
Most of us have participated in brainstorming at one time or another. Perhaps an important problem needed solving or good ideas for a new product were required. Whatever the subject, there’s a pretty good chance you were acquainted with the following two phases of brainstorming: diverging and converging. In the diverging phase the objective is to generate as many ideas as possible. In the converging phase the objective is to subsequently select the best ideas. Nevertheless, a lot of brainstorming sessions don’t turn out to be all that useful. But why is that exactly?

Thirty decades of scientific research clearly establish this is caused by a couple of disruptive factors, namely “production blocking”, “free riding” and “evaluation apprehension”. These three factors inhibit the generation of good ideas. Next to this, groups often get stuck in the idea generation phase when they should continue to the next phase. In addition, the evalution of ideas is performed suboptimally, resulting in ideas of mediocre quality.

An evidence-based approach
The “Evidence-based brainstorming” workshop bypasses the aforementioned problems. It is based on the latest scientific insights and increases the chance of generating good ideas and the usefulness of the brainstorming session in its entirety.

The workshop is about the topic of your choosing. Perhaps you would like to further improve a product or a service, solve an operational or technical issue, optimize a work process, or reform a policy? All of these challenges are suitable for this workshop. With the help of practical tools and solid creativity techniques I am going to stimulate you and your colleagues to identify effective ideas.

The objectives of this workshop are:

• Identifying one or multiple promising ideas that will help you to effectively take on a challenge of your choosing.
• Drawing up an implementation plan for one or a combination of these ideas.
• Teaching your team practical tools and creative techniques that they can use after the workshop in their work to enhance their ingenuity.

Working style
Before we start with the actual brainstorming, it is crucial that we first define and scope the challenge. This will create a solid foundation for the session to build on. In this process I might involve root cause analysis methods and techniques. Next we will proceed with brainstorming. This will be done by having participants work in both smaller and larger groups. During the workshop I’m going to challenge the participants to identify ideas and strategies from different perspectives. To accomplish this, I’ll make use of creativity techniques that help to direct the thought process. Finally, we’ll select the most promising ideas and prepare these for the implementation phase. If you wish I can offer additional support in the implementation phase.

I offer the workshop both in Dutch and English. The length of the workshop depends on the complexity of your challenge and will span about a day. More complex challenges might require an extra afternoon or day.

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Evidence-based training in creativity

The importance of creativity
How can we continue to satisfy our customers? That is a question that is top of mind in a lot of companies. The wants and needs of today might be different tomorrow.  Maintaining close contact with the customer is essential in order to keep up. It also forces us to be constantly on the lookout for ways to improve. Improvements regarding products and services but also in the way we perform our daily work. When we know how we can stimulate our own ingenuity, then we improve the odds of discovering clever ideas that lead to improvements.

What are we going to do? 
The training “Creativity, innovation and science” aims to enhance both your ingenuity and that of your colleagues. In about two hours we’ll cover some surprising findings and practical insights from creativity research. We’ll discuss the role of goals, how we can trigger original and useful insights for improvements, and how we can select the most promising ideas after a (short) brainstorming session. The lessons learned will be applied to your work domain and in doing so have a direct positive effect. In short, the training is highly practical.

The objectives of this training are:

• Being able to set goals that stimulate innovation.
• Having an understanding of techniques that help in discovering ways to improve.
• Being able to quickly differentiate between promising and poor ideas.
• Generating multiple improvement ideas for one’s work or working style.

Training style
To make it easy for you to focus, I frequently switch between (short) lectures, discussions and exercises. I tailor the exercises to your work domain. That helps with implementing the lessons learned. I offer the training in both Dutch and English.

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